Queen Of Procrastination

Yep, that’s me. I am the queen of procrastination and laziness. I haven’t written to you all in a while and if I ever want to be a travel blogger I better get my shit together. I do have an excellent excuse as to why y’all haven’t heard from me:

This past spring I had a cancer scare. It all started when an unknown illness landed me in the emergency room. Five hours, one CT scan, and one ultrasound later didn’t determine what the problem was but found a new one: a mass inside my kidney. Long story short it was determined not cancerous and I got to keep my kidney. Yay. I’m not completely out of the woods but I’ll take that as a win.

So with that being said, I’m ignoring my urologist’s wishes and ignoring next month’s MRI and backpacking Europe instead. My trip is back on and I’m busting my butt and getting back on track with my finances. (all those missed shifts for tests and doctors visits can really kill your budget)

So my plane tickets are purchased, my hostel in Dublin booked, now I still have 4 weeks to save as much money as possible and I’ll be ready to go.

Look for more posts soon!

Third Time’s the Charm, Hopefully

I’ve ventured to Europe twice before; but always with a group, both times were through school programs, first in high school and then again in College. Each time I went someplace new but the cushion of support was always there, for the beginning of the trip a professor was with us.

This time it’s all on me, and I’m scared shitless, I’m not entirely alone, my boyfriend of three years will be traipsing across this splendid continent with me and I’m really excited. It’s the first time I’ll be traveling with a lover.

This summer we’ll be backpacking for three weeks in July, the exact dates are set in stone yet since I’m trying to find the cheapest flight possible. My earlier discussed fear is what led me to originally choose flying into England,  seeing as I’ll be jet-lagged, disoriented, and a nervous wreck at least I’ll be in a country where I can fluently speak the language. But as I was looking up flights, it costs 200 American greenbacks more than say flying into Paris.

Why is that?

I’m in a bit of a pickle, because A. – I’ve always wanted to see England, B.- It will be a comfort first arriving there, but is that comfort worth an extra $200? (it doesn’t seem like much, but I’m so broke) And am I copping out on a true adventure by not starting off in a completely foreign country?


Catalyst, Incentive, Desire, Are All There

My motivation to travel again initially started in the fall, during October, to be exact. I was reading a novel by Gayle Foreman and it really hit home for some reason. The reason isn’t important but I’m grateful nonetheless.

It’s incredibly easy to forget how much you want something, especially if you’re as lazy as I am. But this time it’s not laziness that’s stopping me, its my lack of self control. I’m so poor its astounding and I don’t know why but it is so hard for me to set money aside for traveling. Once the bills are paid I can’t seem to say ‘no’ when it comes to pub night, or a celebrating a friend’s birthday in Atlantic City. I’ve succumbed to a materialistic life and I’m trying to drop it ‘like a hot potato with a spider on it’ (thanks Girl Code for that lovely quote, I say it all the time now).

While I’m re-adjusting my obnoxious money spending habits, I have a few blogs I read to keep my head focused and to remind myself what I really want:

I can’t remember what I was looking for but I stumbled across this website a few days ago and I can’t seem to stop reading it incessantly. For instance I just read a great article from the ‘Matador Network” about planning trips (I’ll let you in on a little secret, it was the inspiration behind this little post), Six Reasons Planning a Trip is (Almost) Better Than Going On One, by Syd Schulz. It was a nice quick quip and a great read, check it out. If you don’t read the article at least check out the site because it’s absolutely amazing. For realz.

Wander Onwards is a blog I started following recently and is written by a girl who I envy like I’ve never envied any other.  She is as free as the wind and is currently traveling in Asia. She’s a great writer with a great lifestyle and I want was she has so badly. I continue to read  her posts, even though the green monster called jealousy is clawing inside me, because one day I will have her life and I can’t wait for that moment. She’s a cool chick and I’m happy for her, she’s living the dream life and she rocks it.

Mother Nature you are a Menopausal Brat

Dear Mother Nature,

Oh how I would like to punch you in the throat right now. Being from Jersey means that 5 inches of snow calls for a state of emergency. Thanks Chris Christie, I appreciate that. I know that I should have a little perspective, there are a butt-load of more important things happening in the world right now (like athletes in India doping up on steroids, who knew? or perhaps how the Cambodian police are shooting protestors), but as a server tips are my livelihood. And being cut after an hour because no one is going out to eat is not my idea of a good time.

Did you know that I make $2.13 an hour? How am I going to travel on that? So this is a friendly reminder to go out to dinner as much as possible and to tip your servers well.

And read/watch the news, there are some really awful things happening in the world and its important to stay informed. Seriously, it ads perspective.

New Beginings (Damn you google ads)

Even though the New Year is celebrated across the world and is in fact, a real thing, in my opinion it’s more of a representation of the idea of a fresh start; symbolic of new beginnings.

This is probably why it’s my favorite holiday, anything can happen this year and who doesn’t like a fresh start. I think you’re crazy if you don’t.

This year holds a lot of promise for me. Maybe this is the year I finally move out of my parent’s house, or more importantly, maybe this is the year I start on my next big adventure.

I initially fell in love with traveling in high school when I participated in a foreign exchange my senior year, that’s when I was first bitten by the travel bug and I’ve been infected ever since.

I started this blog about a year ago and had every intention of using it to share my stories with others but there wasn’t much time for traveling or money for that matter. In college, you can’t go out and experience anything new or see any new places when you have an annotated bibliography due on Tuesday, it just doesn’t work. But now that I’m a graduate (of 7 months, and still don’t have a career) I really don’t have an excuse anymore. So now, my New Year’s resolution for 2014 is to make it back to Europe this summer, and to blog along the way.

travel bug bitten


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